There are 9.5 km of hiking trails in Danzante Bay from the beach all through the mountains, along the TPC Golf Course.  The trails are well kept and easy to follow.   Be warned there are parts that are very steep with very little to hold onto if you do not have 4 paws!!     Personally, I like to split up the hike into 3 or 4 parts as it is very rugged for the occasional hiker.  The map shows the distances between marked points, but this does not mean you can get off the trail easily.  

It is best to do the hike in the early mornings when the weather is fresh and cool.   There are so many activities to enjoy at Danzante Bay, not just Golf and Spa!!  I never knew there were so many beautiful birds just flying around!  I wonder where they all live???  If we are lucky, we can even see a herd of goats, or the occasional fox ...  they look like black cats! ... or maybe it is a cat??!!  

From the beach you go from Sea Level and climb up to overlook the new Villa Del Palmar Hotel expansion and vastness of Ensenada Blanca before you.   This is a great place to view sunrise!  This is probably the easiest part of the hike with plenty of places of stop, rest, or turn back.   The views are outstanding in all directions, especially out to the water.   There are even a few spots with benches or chairs to rest and enjoy a beverage at sunset! 

The first part of the trail takes you beside the hotel and stretching up to the vista lookout.  The trail winds along holes 15 and 16 which can be a good uphill climb.   You can see the Golf Club House in the distance and all the home sites for sale. A great option for those looking for Loreto real estate.  On this particular day, we got to watch a helicopter fly in and land in front of the Club House which was pretty special at 7:30 am on a Sunday morning! 

The greens are amazing and the maintenance crew are out there at the first break of day, often even before the sun comes up ... I can hear the lawn mowers and sprinklers going!   

It is exciting to see more sprinkling of new construction scattered in the distance and in 2022 there will be about 12 completed homes, with several more starting. 

Finally reaching Hole 17, which Golf Architect Rees Jones forecast would be “one of the Top 10 Most Photographed (golf) Holes in the World.”    This spot has been photographed thousands of times but never gets old to see the shimmering shallow clear water in the cove, and Sea of Cortez where you often see more marine life that boats.    This is also a good place to stop and walk down the road to have lunch at the Golf Course too.  Once you embark on the trail from Hole 17 westward... it will be another 2 hours before you can get off the trail at Hole 5.  

The climb up from Hole 17 to the highest point is worth the effort for the photo opportunity.  This is one of my favorite secluded bays with shallow crystal clear water and I have never seen another soul there.   

The remainder of the hike gets a little easier as you meander the ridges behind the Golf Clubhouse from Hole 10 to 5 where the Terrace Café is located.   Unfortunately, this building is not yet open, but will be a spectacular place for coffee or happy hour when it is!   There are bathrooms here!!  


The final leg is behind Hole 5 to Hole 2 and quite spectacular.   This is the most vertical and challenging all the whole hike with narrow trails with very steep drops.   Not for the faint of heart! However, the views and tranquility are well worth it. We spent as much time taking photos and enjoying the view and serenity, as we did actually walking.    This is where you get up close and personal to the waterfall of boulders, and high up in the mountains.   Spectacular in every way!   Make sure you wear good shoes and bring lots of water and definitely your camera!!  

Rocky The Realtor

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