I went to my first Penthouse party last week to meet Jim and MaryJo Grogan and Norma Butterfield, original founders of Loreto Bay.   The concept of an environmentally sustained development, supported by Fonatur and led by David Butterfield and Jim Grogan all began in 2003.    For me this is unimaginable history, but for most owners here it seemed like yesterday.  The most important conversation piece is that the place turned out better than we all imagined, and through all the tough times was a lot of laughter and camaraderie.  Loreto is a unique place filled with pioneers and survivors who become happy settlers.       

Also attending were my favorite friends, Randy & Elizabeth Ruth who are doing the urban planning at Serenity Project, Jorge & Belen, and Veronica & Roberto of Baja Boss Property Management.   These people know how to have fun!   I was pretty tired at 9 pm but they were still going strong!  

Here is Hilda Corona helping me to write this blog in her spare time when she is not too busy showing houses for sale.   Sometimes I get to go out on showings with her, and usually check on homes to supervise and make sure that they are clean and ready.   Hilda rescued me when I was just a pup with distemper and found me a good home.  I owe her my life.   She helps so many dogs get good homes.  I am happy being a Realtor Dog in Loreto!  

I also love to spend time chasing the goats at Danzante Bay off the home sites.  They are no longer on the golf course, but often we can see them crossing the lands into the mountains.  Sometimes I just go say hello, and other times, I chase them away from the workers and heavy equipment.    At first they did not respect me and thought I was just a little punk animal... but my bark is strong and I can run fast!!   They know me now!  The goats are my four legged friends and it makes me happy to see them!!  

Here a couple of videos of me as Goat Herder!   Everyone has to have dreams!  

Have a great week!  

Rocky The Realtor

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