Do you ever find yourselves in the middle of something and start wondering HOW THE VET DID I GET MYSELF INTO THIS? Well… that was me a few days ago.  

Everything started when I met Liza, she is a civil engineer who was in charge of my Danzante Bay house construction.  Miss Nellie hired her to supervise all her Clients' Real Estate Construction projects so I started seeing Liza everyday around my house.  She won my friendship by giving me treats every time she saw my cute puppy face. Eventually I decided to join Liza on her long walks around El Cardon Neighborhood.

We are having fun enjoying our time together when suddenly we’re on top of Cardon Lot 45A perched up 40 meters (150 ft above sea level). There I was, polite and professional Rocky ... against that huge machine in the middle of the roadway.  Trust me ... I was ready to bark all day to take it down to protect Liza.  Until I realized that we had to work with it, YES, as a TEAM.  

Who would’ve thought that a huge machine can do all the heavy work with a little help from a human inside of it.  It was more confusing than trying to understand why people likes cats!

I didn’t know for sure what we were doing up there, but I can tell you, seeing all the things that machine could do in a matter of minutes was scary. But Liza explained to me what was happening and I understand it was quite awesome.  

So, after that interesting day, I knew I could help Liza with construction, we can go to all the new houses under construction with Nellie's Buyers.  I verify the quality of materials by sniffing them all, I check on the workers to make sure they are doing their job right.  Don’t get me wrong, our workers are really good and they are always finding new ways to do things.  They respect us as supervisors, and they even manage to leave food bits for me to find and chew, but someone has to play boss right?

I am becoming so good at finding mistakes that I may start helping Liza supervise finish work too ... once i understand what that is?

Here´s a picture of me supervising all the work on another home under construction on El Cardon 23 in Danzante Bay.  

The Ginax workers have been moving very fast on the platforms and footings where the house will sit, and also the retaining walls to hold in all the dirt from erosion.   So much to learn!  

Here I am verifying topography or survey points on Danzante Canyon Lot #10 in front of the golf course hole 5 to make sure where the boundaries are.

These pegs give us an idea about the size of the lot and the views it will have. Being a supervisor and a realtor at the same time has its perks, I’m pretty sure it would be A LOT EASIER and better to sell when you know what it takes to work with the topography to take advantage of the best views, in the most economical way.   And to know about construction costs, materials and timing in Mexico. 

Sometimes I even supervise maintenance and cleaning jobs, for example these guys were removing the privacy fence from lot 22 along with the remaining materials from lot 23’s construction. It took a forklift and a bulldozer to remove a big shipping container that was used as an equipment and tools storage.  Two big machines right next to my home!

I don’t have pictures of these big machines as we take safety very seriously on all of my construction sites. Safety is first. And of course, it was too much noise for my ears.   

Ok, you got me ... maybe I was a little afraid to come close.  But I’m not afraid of telling someone when they are not doing a good job or if they are fooling around too much, I mean I could bark at them all day until they get moving!  

Between being at Danzante Bay construction sites, and motiving buyers to make reservations for our new SERENITY residential project ... I am wondering what’s for dinner??  Days go by so fast and I wish I had more time to tell you about all the funny stories about my life but with so many jobs at the same time it is hard to keep up.  

I went from Rocky the Street dog, to Rocky the Realtor to Rocky the Construction Supervisor. Funny the paths life takes you on but hey ... Barbie was right ... you can be what you want to be.

I think after all this writing and work I deserve a tiny break by the pool, but don’t worry I won’t go in, I’m not that crazy! 

Have a great week!  

Rocky The Realtor

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