My name is Rocky, and I was born on the streets of Loreto, B.C.S.  during COVID 2020.   I don't remember my mom or family, and my first memory was this very nice lady Julieta who tried to save me as I was diagnosed with Distemper.   Most people including the Vet had given up on me and my chances of survival were small. Unfortunately, Julieta was a cook and had to work long hours and could not afford the expensive medicine I needed.

Her boss Manu took pity on me and convinced Julieta to allow him to care for me.  I went to live with Manu and his 14 dogs.  He was a very kind and generous man who cooked me chicken breasts and bought medicine to make me strong.   He took me to work so I would not be alone and cry all day long.  

Then along came Hilda who was ever so kind and would take me to her office.   She changed my life!  It was there that I met Miss Nellie and it was love at first sight.   I knew she was the one for me, but I had to work my Puppy Dog Eyes to convince her to adopt me.  It took about 2 months of visiting and flirting, but finally Miss Nellie said YES!!   That was the beginning of my new life!  
I love working with Miss Nellie and Hilda to show houses and meet the happy clients.   I inspect the homes and keep the conversation going.   There are no bad houses, only bad decorators!   I now get to live in a beautiful Loreto Bay Beach House AND Danzante Bay Golf House; as well as working with the Rich and Famous, who are also dog lovers and love Loreto!   
This is my Rags to Riches Story, from Rocky the Homeless Rescue to Rocky the Home Realtor!   Call my handlers, Miss Nellie or Hilda Corona today and book your appointment.   They can change your life, just like they changed mine!    
See you soon in Loreto! 
Rocky the Realtor

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