Spring is here and the Sea Life is WILD in Loreto!  So many of my friends are going out with local captains to enjoy all the beauty that Loreto offers.  The Sea of Cortez is calm and waters warm.  The wind has stopped blowing, and we are seeing temperatures in the high 70s and mid 80s F.   

The Orcas are here in pods and coming closer to boats than I have ever heard of.   My friends were so lucky to encounter them last Saturday playing in the waters off of Danzante Island near Puerto Escondido.  

Fishing in Loreto has been terrific too and a very good year for our Loreto Captains.   The Yellowtail are here and a really good size for fun catching and especially tasty eating!    

My friends Neil Ginsberg and Randy Ruth were out last Saturday and it was some of the best fishing they have encountered.   We had a big sushi party afterwards and it was DELICIOUS.   If you think that dogs do not like fish ... then those dogs have never had fish this fresh and tasty!   YUM YUM YUM!  

The Sea Lions habitat is off Coronado Island where they have lived for decades.   This year there seems to be more babies, and with all the fish available ... they are getting in on the action too.   

Their life is almost as good as mine, with being lazy in the sun all day long... diving into the clear blue water for a swim to cool off, and feeding upon the abundant food in the ocean.   

We often sea Dolphins around Loreto in the Sea of Cortez, but this time of year is especially wonderful!  If you are lucky, you will get into the middle of a large pod, with literally hundreds of dolphins in every direction as far as the eye can see.   They love to play with the boat and swim under and around the boat as the Captains go very fast.   They jump with joy and love the squeal from the visitors as they splash up close.  The moms and their babies are so majestic.   No matter how many times you get to experience this phenomenal sight... it never gets old!   

Here a couple of videos of HUNDREDS of Dolphins AND Orcas ... seen Last Saturday!! 

Have a great week!  

Rocky The Realtor

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