What an exciting weekend I had! We got to hang out with Steve Jones, American Professional Golfer, best known for winning the 1996 US Open. His career on the PGA Tour Champions consists of 70 events played, making 66 cuts and two top-10 finishes! He is a very nice man and cannot believe that he has never heard of Loreto! Steve and his friends stayed at my beach home in Loreto Bay and spent several days golfing at the TPC Danzante Bay Golf Course.   

Along with Steve, was Dave Wigler. Dave was the original Founding 5 that provided Golf Ratings for Golf Week Magazine.  He too was very excited to play at Danzante Bay and it was more beautiful than all the photos and articles he had seen.   They were so complimentary about the Golfclub Pro, Danny Garcia, and very much enjoyed playing the last few rounds with Danny and learning more about the amenities at Danzante Bay.

They even went fishing and Steve caught a 20 lb Yellowtail!  They LOVE it!!  And promised to promote Loreto, along with our new Serenity Resort! 

Also with the group was Neil Ginsberg, Managing Partner and Developer of Serenity, Loreto by the Sea in Nopolo, Loreto.   Neil is a very good golfer himself and loves Loreto so much he plans on building a home at the new Serenity Resort and spend more time with his family here.  I tell them it’s the only way to live the GOOD life! 

On Saturday, we had an informal Open House for 15 of our Reservation Holders at Serenity, and it was a lot of fun.   Everyone got a chance to meet the developer and owner of the property and ask questions and get more information.  Many of the Team where on site to answer questions too.    We will be holding more of these regularly in the coming months.

The property looks incredible and everyone is surprised to see the Old Whales Hotel building from the Sea of Cortez.   It has been hidden and abandoned for the past 10 years and the whole property is coming to life now with the clearing taking place.   We expect the property lot lines to  be marked later this month so Reservation Holders will be able to see their lot location and size of their new home.  


Serenity’s first large equipment purchase is a Beach Rake (value $10,000 USD) that is similar to a little tractor, and will clean and fluff up the beach every day.   The beach here is much softer than in front of the Loreto Bay Hotel, and much wider also.   There is not the vegetation habitat that grows and is protected in front of most of Loreto Bay.   More room for me to run!! 

Have a great week!  

Rocky The Realtor

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